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Simple GPS Tracking Software

Manage your Fleet and Assets with Mobile Phones or Traditional GPS Trackers 


Tracking Software for Traditional GPS Trackers and Mobile Phones

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Easy GPS Tracking Services

CorvusGPS provides Online GPS Tracking Software for anyone around the world. With our Real-Time Tracking Software you can follow many different GPS Trackers on a single map. Manage Company Fleet, Track Vehicles or Locate your Family Members easily.

CorvusGPS GPS Tracking


Fleet Management with Mobiles

Control your Fleet and Workforces with using Smartphones.

Fleet Management with Smartphones

Download EverTrack GPS Tracker app

EverTrack - The GPS Tracker app

EverTrack is an intelligent real-time GPS tracker app for your Android smartphone, that allows you to track your Android mobiles in real time with our GPS Tracking Software. An Android mobile phone and a CorvusGPS account are the only things you need to get started. Create your own gps tracking system in 5 minutes today! MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EVERTRACK ...


CorvusGPS GPS Tracking


Management with Traditional GPS Trackers

With traditional GPS Trackers you can manage any vehicle, asset or more!

Manage Assets, Vehicles and more with GPS Trackers



CorvusGPS GPS Tracking


Support GPS Trackers and Mobiles

We support Traditional GPS trackers and EverTrack Mobile Tracker app.

Check all Supported GPS Trackers

Compatible with wide range of GPS Trackers

Our system is compatible with the most popular gps tracking devices that can be bought in Internet webshops or on eBay. If, at the moment, you do not possess a tracker, or are discontent with your current one, contact us and we will help you to purchase a high quality GPS tracker at low price.


CorvusGPS GPS Tracking


Share location with Partners

Never need to ask again where are you or when will you arrive. 


Share Location with Partners


Real-Time Location Share with One Click

Your customers and partner never need to call you up again to ask when will you arrive. You can share the real-time postion any of your mobiles or traditional trackers with one click. Your customers don't need a CorvusGPS account - only a browser with internet connection.


CorvusGPS GPS Tracking


From Home, Office or On the Go

Be anywhere, with CorvusGPS you receive accurate data of your Fleet.

From Home, Office or On the Go

Download Map App

CorvusGPS GPS Tracking

Power Up your Business with CorvusGPS

Start your own Fleet Management system without any risk and expenses.


Save Money with CorvusGPS