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Dealer Partners provides Online GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions Worldwide. Our products and services are also available through a network of licensed Dealers.'s Dealers delivers a wide range of innovative products and services.


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Become a Dealer


Program Benefits provides easy and simple GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions built on a proven, innovative technology platform. We offer our Dealers exclusive support to help meet customer needs and foster customer growth.


Dealer Partners - Easy to Start   Dealer Partners - Webshops and Locals   Dealer Partners - Wide range of Trackers
Easy to Start    Webshops and Locals   Wide Range of Trackers

Just sign up to a Dealer Partner account at and you are ready to start selling our services. No starting expenses, no risk.


Do you have a Webshop or Local Business? CorvusGPS is the ideal choice for you, just continue selling your products and make extra profit with offering our services to your customers. 


Our software is compatible with many different GPS Tracker hardware from the market, you can sell a device which is really fit to your needs.

Dealer Partners - Mobile Tracker App   Dealer Partners - Lifetime Commission   Dealer Partners - Technical Support
Mobile Tracker App   Lifetime Commission   Technical Support

EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app offer professional services in the Mobile Tracking area. It's Easy and Scalable with great opportunities in this fast growing business area. Start an international business without selling any hardware.


For our Dealer Partners we offer continuous commission during their members are active. Thanks to this you can built your own clientele which make you money at each month also when you can't sign up new subscribers.


You are not alone. If you have any problem or question our team is here for you. We can help you to configure a device or using our system.

Become a Dealer's products and services are sold through a network of top authorized Dealers Worldwide. Our Network of Dealers is committed to delivering advanced services with best-in-class customer service.


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