GPS Tracking System for Vehicles and Field Staff

CorvusGPS offers Easy and Cost Effective fleet tracking service for companies of any size.

Track your vehicle fleet, assets and employees by Android cell phones or "hard-wired" GPS trackers using our Online Tracking System.

Manage your Team from the Office or On the Go using our Mobile apps.

Online GPS Tracking System for Fleets

EverTrack - Cell Phone GPS Tracker

EverTrack GPS Tracker app is designed for Fleet Management and Workforce Tracking. With EverTrack GPS Tracker you can follow vehicles and employees in real-time.

EverTrack is simple, but offers high-quality GPS tracking services for Business and Personal consumers too.

Thanks to the intelligent Activity Recognition EverTrack detects travelling and records trips automatically.


EverTrack Cell Phone GPS Tracker - Automatic Activity Recognition
EverTrack - Cell Phone GPS Tracker app for Vehicle and FIeld Staff tracking

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Do you have to deliver properly cooled goods to your customers?

EverTrack's Wireless Temperature Monitoring feature is the solution you are looking for!

Temperature Monitoring helps smart companies to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction quickly.

RuuviTag - Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Reefers and Refrigerated Trucks

"Hard-wired" GPS Trackers

Traditional GPS Trackers are offering a lot of opportunities to manage your business easily.

No matter what you would like to follow track - assets, vehicles, employees, pets - CorvusGPS offers you solutions for both.

Buy a supported GPS tracker online, add to our system and Get Started!

Hard-wired GPS Tracking for Vehicles and Assets

Start Tracking your Vehicles and Field Staff today!

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