Wireless Temperature Monitoring with IoT Sensors

Cold Chain Tracking and Temperature Monitoring for Android


Smart transportation companies understand the value of cold chain monitoring and delivering properly cooled goods to customers. Using CorvusGPS.com’s IoT Sensors you can reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction easily. Monitoring the temperature any of your assets or reefer trucks is easier than ever. Install EverTrack app to any of your Android mobiles, add a temperature sensor to your account, place it anywhere and you are ready to go!

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How does Monitoring Works?

The Temperature Sensor measures the ambient temperature, humidity, and air pressure and transmits the information to the driver’s phone by Bluetooth. EverTrack app receives the data and uploads it to CorvusGPS Cloud every 5 minutes using mobile data network.

The sensors are not sending data to our server directly, only transmit it to an Android phone by Bluetooth. The data will be sent to the servers by smartphones.

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The Android "Gateway" (EverTrack app)

EverTrack app is easy to use, offers accurate and automatic location tracking and temperature monitoring features. Drivers can check real-time temperature data on their smartphones. Dispatchers and workers in the office can monitor the temperature from PC.



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Live Temperature Monitoring with Location

At CorvusGPS.com you can monitor the location and temperature any of your sensors in real-time and you can also check the temperature history and the location of the sensor at a preset time interval or date. You can check the live temperature of any unit by selecting the driver (user) on the map.


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Temperature History on the Map

You can also select a “sensor” to check it’s temperature and location history. Not important which user/driver (which phone) uploaded the data, both of it stored to the sensor where the data was originated from.  We store 3 months of data so you can check what was the temperature at a specified location and/or at a specified time.


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Temperature History Charts (Web app)

Select a sensor and display the temperature on a history chart. You can drag and zoom in to analyze the details and changes of the selected interval.



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Temperature Notifications (Soon...)

After you set the value of critical temperatures and select the users to get notified, they will receive notifications by EverTrack app and also in email if the temperature below or over the values preset by you.



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1 minute to Start - No Special Skills needed

Our Temperature Monitoring Service is Plug and Play. Sign in to EverTrack app, select the Temperature Sensors module, click to "Add new Sensor" option and EverTrack will automatically detect the sensors in your area. Name the sensors one by one and click "Add" button. After you added the sensors, you are ready to go.


For Wireless Temperature Monitoring download EverTrack app from Play Store!

Get it on Google Play


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The Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor is battery powered and communicates with smartphones by Bluetooth (BLE). The sensor is easy to use, no pairing, no connecting, no special skills needed.


Sensor Parameters   Where to buy?
Range: Up to 500m (receive signals through the walls of refrigerator truck)
Size: Diameter: 5,2 cm, Height: 1 cm
Battery life: Several years (depends on usage)
Temperature range: From -40ºC (-40ºF) to +85ºC (+185ºF) with special battery  
Measured data: Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure
Temperature accuracy: 0.5 C°
What will you need to start?  
1. Android cell (4.3.2 or higher) with internet connection and BLE support  
2. CorvusGPS Business account (14 days free trial)  
3. EverTrack app (Business)  
4. RuuviTag - Bluetooth Temperature Sensor  

More information...

For more information read our Blog Article about Temperature Monitoring or write an email to us: admin@corvusgps.com


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