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Our services are free during the test period.
End of the test period (estimated): 2017. november 20.

After the end of the test period, a 14 days trial starts for each account.
Accounts will stop working (read-only) if no payment made during the trial.
Slight changes in pricing may occur before the trial starts.

Available units Personal Plan Business Plan
Tracked Users (by EverTrack app)
Traditional hard-wired GPS Trackers
Dispatcher Users
Wireless Temp Sensors
Fee for each unit (1 unit = 1 license) $0.1 / day $0.3 / day

Business example:
If you have 2 Tracked Users (eg. Drivers) with 2 Sensors installed in vehicles and 1 dispatcher is watching them, you need 5 licenses which cost $1.5 / day.


Features - Account and Web app

This table summarizes the differences and most important features of Personal and Business Plan.

Account / Web features Personal Plan Business Plan
Limit of licences / account (1 unit = 1 license) 5 Unlimited
Location History / Data Storage 5 days 100 days
Support Normal (E-mail) Priority (E-mail)
Top-Up Bonus for mass payment No Bonus! Up to 35%
Team Tracking (Groups) Unlimited Unlimited
Location Sharing with Link Unlimited Unlimited
Export location data to file (KML, CSV) Unlimited Unlimited
Selectable Map Provider
Free Trial 14 days 14 days

Features - EverTrack Mobile Tracker app

This table summarizes the features and limitations of EverTrack app in case of Personal and Business Plan. 

EverTrack app features Personal Plan Business Plan
Location update interval (max) 5 minutes 30 seconds
Intelligent Driving Detection
Set optimal update interval automatically
Lock Settings with Password
Mileage Tracking (Odometer)
Special Event reports with Note(s)
User State (Available, Pause, Busy, Not available)
Temperature Monitoring with Sensors
Mobile Mapping
Panic alarm
EverTarck Guard (kill and crash protection)

14 days free trial

Create a free account at to test our services and EverTrack app without any risk. No credit card needed for registration.


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Why daily fees?

Your needs are continuously changing as your business changing, sometimes you need to track more units, sometimes less is enough. With daily fees, our system is flexible, simple and cost-effective, because you only pay for what you really use, you can add or remove units anytime with no hassle. No long time contracts, no unused pre-paid user accounts and units.