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Vehicle Tracker and Field Service Manager app for Android phones

EverTrack GPS Tracker app for Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

We developed the EverTrack GPS tracker app with our corporate customers in mind. Installed on the employees’ Android devices it enables the usage of cell phones and tablets as real-time GPS trackers. Our Android GPS tracker app is able to track trucks, vans, buses or other types of vehicles and it provides a modern and flexible solution for both workforce management and field service management purposes. 


More than a Vehicle tracker

The EverTrack phone tracker app is more than a traditional GPS tracker: by exploiting the full potential of Android phones it provides completely new, modern fleet tracking and field service management solutions, making your fleet more effective and economical, improving collaboration with your partners and making communication more convenient and flexible. The app is capable of both vehicle tracking and field service management.

Vehicle, Fleet, Workforce, Truck and Field Serice Management with Mobile Phones

Team Tracking - From the Office of On the Go

Thanks to the flexibility of EverTrack GPS Phone Tracker it can not only be used for fleet tracking, but also for keeping track of your mobile workforces in real-time on a single map. Install the app for Android mobiles and get started. With EverTrack GPS Phone Tracker app, you can track vehicles and business fleet in real time with a simple Android mobile phone. Reduce your expenses and improve the productivity of your business with EverTrack.

Live Tracking, Special Events, Availability State and Mobile Map features of EverTrack

Special Event Reports - Check in, Job Completed and more... 

Our Android GPS tracker app doesn’t only send position related data to colleagues, it can also help workers and drivers to share other events with the dispatchers, such as arrival on field, or successful completion of a task. The team members can also append short text messages to these status reports as well, elaborating the details to one another.

Report your Special Events from the Field

Availability State - Who's working today?

Every member of the team can choose his or her current status, so the colleagues can see whether he or she is at work or if has enough time to complete the job.

Employees can select Availability State on their Phone

Workforce Safety - Send Panic messages easily

The safety of our employees is just as important as good quality work. The EverTrack application enables our workers or drivers to report any type of emergency or problem easily to the dispatch center, where our system can instantly notify the managers in charge, for rapid response. The panic message contains the position of the colleague in question, so help can be on the way as soon as possible.

Send Panic Alarm to Protect yourself

Modular Main Screen - Customize the functions for your company

Unlike traditional vehicle trackers, thanks to its modular approach our GPS phone tracker app enables the integration of new functions. Because of its extensibility we keep adding functions that helps work organization and optimization. You can choose to hide or show functions, making it a breeze to customize which functions appear on the screens of your colleagues, enabling them to see only the functions they really use. Clearly designed, easy to use, developed for business. This is EverTrack!

EverTrack Modular Features for Vehicle tracking and Field Force Management



Cost effective - No installation, No new SIM cards, No investment

In comparison to traditional real-time vehicle trackers the biggest advantage of EverTrack is that there is no need to purchase or install GPS trackers in the vehicles, so there is absolutely no entry fee and your vehicles don’t go out of service - not even for a day. Another great advantage is that you don’t have to sign a new contract with your cell phone carrier and to buy new SIM cards: you can keep using your current subscription.

No Investment, No SIM, No GPS Trackers, No Installation



Professional Business Features

EverTrack was built for business use, so it operates in a stable way. Installed to a good quality phone it can provide more accurate data than traditional real-time GPS trackers and it utilizes the benefits of wireless location data as well. Thanks to its data logger functionality we don’t lose your data, not even if the phone can not connect to CorvusGPS’s servers.‚Äč

Orange Check Mark


Orange Check Mark

Location by GPS, WiFi and Cell data

EverTrack utilizes the benefits of cell phones for determining position: it uses WiFi and mobile cell data together with GPS position


Data Logger

If EverTrack phone tracker loses internet connection it saves data into memory and after the connection is reestablished it resends the missing reports, so it will never be lost.

Orange Check Mark   Orange Check Mark

Real-time location update

In contrast to other Android GPS tracker applications developed for personal use, EverTrack can send reports up to every 30 seconds providing real-time tracking.


Better Coverage - 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi

Most of hard-wired trackers can only utilize 2G networks, the coverage of which is decreasing rapidly, furthermore, in some countries they are starting to be discontinued. Our application can communicate on 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks as well.



What do our customers use EverTrack for?

The application was developed mostly with field force management and vehicle tracking in mind. Here is a couple of examples what our customers use EverTrack for.

Fleet, Truck and Vehicle Tracking with EverTrack GPS Tracker app   Delivery Driver Tracking with EverTrack GPS Tracker app   Field Service and Agent Tracking with EverTrack GPS Tracker app

Truck and Vehicle Tracking

Many use the application in company cars, vans and trucks as a dashboard unit. With EverTrack you can build a simple fleet management system in the matter of a couple hours.


Delivery Driver Tracking

CorvusGPS promises an easy to use and easy to simply extendable system for delivery services. We can track a car, motorbike or bicycle driver, without the need for a professional.


Field Services and Agents

Using the app as a field service manager we can review the movements of our colleagues, their visited locations and we can even mark points of high interest. The Panic function can provide a degree of security to our employees.

Doorhanger and Leaflet Delivery Tracking   Security Patrol Route GPS Tracking   Ice Cream Van and Truck GPS Location Tracking

Doorhanger / Leaflet Delivery

Companies in the doorhanger / leaflet delivery business use the “proof of delivery functions” where they can export the visited routes to a KML file and share it with their clients for proof of delivery.


Security Patrol Services

By following the movements of security personnel, property guard companies can make sure that the guards are on location and doing their job. Firms can share the routes with their clients, increasing trust towards the company.


Ice Cream Vans and Trucks

Everybody likes ice cream, so it is good to know where you can find the closest ice cream van. Companies selling ice cream from trucks share the real-time positions of their vehicles, to let more people find them.

Food Truck and Caravan Real-Time Location Tracking   Food and Pizza Delivery Tracking with Location Sharing   Workforce Location Tracking and Management with Android app

Food Trucks and Caravans

Ice cream, coffee, sandwich, hotdog, and other street food sellers can keep track of which areas they have been to and share the real-time position of the vehicle or a group of vehicles with their customers showing them where they can purchase goods.


Pizza and Food Delivery

Pizza and food delivery companies share the position of the delivery guy in e-mail so customers can see when he will arrive. The won’t be impatient anymore and harass the restaurant with unnecessary phone calls.


Workforce Tracking

For tracking workers on the field we offer a simple solution, you only have to install EverTrack on their cell phones. Companies can see the distribution of the teams on the field in real-time, they can even reorganize them.


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